Endowment Fund



Endowment Fund Unit is one of the youngest units of the Registry Department. It was carved out of the Council Unit and functions as the Secretariat of the Joint Council/Senate Committee on Endowment Fund of the University Governing Council. It was a reaction of the Governing Council to streamline and coordinate fundraising activities of the University to achieve greater success.

The statutory function of the Joint Council/Senate Committee on Endowment Fund was therefore to raise money to meet important projects in the University for which the Federal Government cannot make any financial provision.


In performing this critical role in University advancement, the Joint Council/Senate Committee collaborates with some other Committees engaged in Endowment activities in the University such as the following:

  1. Advancement Unit of the Vice-Chancellor’s Office.
  2. The University Consultancy Services Ltd.
  3. The Committees of the various Faculties, Schools, and Departments engaged in the organization of Home-coming activities of the Alumni of the Institution.
  4. The Alumni Association of the University.


The Joint Council/Senate Committee of Council is presently composed as follows:


2017 – 2021

Professor S. O. C. Ugwu  –        Council Member                        –        Chairman

appointed by Congregation

Alhaji Abdullahi Yunusa  –        External Council Member –        Member

Kinika-Nsirim U. Access  –        External Council Member –        Member

Chief J.N.J. Ewulu           –        External Council Member –        Member

Professor J. C. Ugwuanyi –        Internal Council Member           –        Member

Professor Obi Njoku        –        Senate Representative               –        Member

Professor J.U.J. Onyimonyi –      Senate Representative               –        Member

Professor Joy Ezeilo         –        Senate Representative               –        Member

Professor S. A. Ezeudu    –        Senate Representative               –        Member

Professor F. N. Okeke      –        Senate Representative               –        Member

Sir Ben Okoronkwo         –        National Alumni President         –        Member

Dr. Chris C. Igbokwe       –        Registrar & Secretary to Council –        Member

Barr. Ekpere F. Ezeugwu –        PAR, Council/Endowment Unit –        Secretary


In Attendance

Dr. J. K. Edeh, Bursar

Dr. Ada Nwodo, Alumni Relations Officer

Mr. Obinna Onuobia, SAR Endowment Unit

The Endowment Fund Unit is Administratively headed by Barr. Ekpere F. Ezeugwu, Principal Assistant Registrar.






Barr. Ekpere Fidelis Ezeugwu, Principal Assistant Registrar is the Head of Endowment Fund Unit of Registry Department. He was born on October 1, 1968 at Onuiyi, Nsukka in Nsukka L.G.A. of Enugu State of Nigeria. He attended the following Schools for his formal education and obtained the corresponding qualifications:

Urban Primary School Nsukka           –           First School Leaving Certificate – 1975

Obollo High School, Obollo-Eke       –           West African School Certificate – 1980

Anambra State College of Education, Awka – National Certificate in Education – 1985

UNIVERSITY OF Nigeria, Nsukka   –           Bachelor of Law, LLB (Hons) – 2003

Nigeria Law School, Kano campus    –           Barrister at Law, B.L.             – 2004

Chartered Institute of Project & Facility

Management                                   –           PGD Project & Facility Management – 2019

International Business Management Institute

Berlin, Germany                             –           Mini-MBA Diploma               – 2020


Barr. Ekpere Ezeugwu is an Alumni of the International Business Management Institute, Berlin, Germany and Alison Institute United Kingdom. He is a member of the following Professional bodies:

  1. Member, Nigeria Bar Association (NBA)
  2. Member, Association of Nigeria University Professional Administrators (ANUPA)
  3. Fellow Institute of Industrial Administrators of Nigeria (FIIA)
  4. Member, Institute of Professional Managers of Nigeria (IPMAN)
  5. Associate, Chartered Institute of Contract, Project, and Facility Management, Ghana
  6. Associate, Chartered, Institute of Project Management, Nigeria


Barr. Ekpere has worked in various units of the Registry since his appointment as Administrative Officer in the University from September 2008. During the period sparing 2008 to 2020, he attended several ttrainings, seminars, conferences and workshops. He obtained certificates of proficiency in several administrative skills. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Diploma, Human Resources, Alison Institute, United Kingdom
  2. Diploma, Alternative Dispute Resolution
  3. Certificate in marketing & Communication
  4. Certificate in strategy and Operations
  5. Certificate in Essential Management Skills
  6. Certificate in Human Resources Management
  7. Certificate in Finance and Accounting
  8. Certificate in Economics and International Business

3 – 8 are obtained from International Management Institute Berlin, Germany.


Barr. Ekpere Ezeugwu has received awards for excellent service from several organizations and groups he has impacted on by association including the following:

  • Director-Generals Award, Nigeria Law School
  • Excellent Service Award, Students Union Government as Legal Adviser, UNN 2019
  • Merit Award by Catholic Women Organization, St. Victors Parish, Onuiyi, Nsukka as most outstanding support – 2017.

Barr. Ekpere F. Ezeugwu is a Christian, married and the marriage is blessed with children.