The history of the Department is tied to the establishment of Enugu Campus of the University of Nigeria in 1961. The University of Nigeria was formally opened on 7th October, 1960. The former Nigeria Collage of Arts, Science and Technology Enugu was incorporated into the University of Nigeria in 1961and its building and facilities now form Enugu Campus of the University. The College of Medicine and Faculties of Business Administration, Environmental Studies and Law are located at the Campus.

The Registrar’s Office, Enugu Campus which is an extension of the main Registry’s Office at Nsukka Campus was created to serve the Academic Departments on the Campus by rendering efficient, qualitative and unalloyed services to all and sundry and at all times.

As an extension of the main Registry at Nsukka, the Units of the main Registry are almost replicated at Enugu Campus. The office therefore performs the same functions as those of the main Registry at Nsukka.

Generally, such functions include – Admission Matters, Examinations, Records and Statistics of Students, Careers and Student Services, General Administration. The Office of the Registrar, Enugu Campus is administered by the Deputy Registrar on behalf of the Registrar.


List of sections/ Units

Here under, are the Units of Enugu Campus Registry.

  1. Central Registry
  2. Admissions, Sandwich and Evening programme Unit
  3. Examinations Unit
  4. Records and Statistics Unit
  5. Careers and Student Services Unit
  6. Mail Room


Functions of the Units

Central Registry

Key Functions

  1. Co-ordinate the activities of the various Units to ensure the performance of their key functions and profer solutions to the challenges of the Unit.
  2. General Administration Matters viz:
  3. Attending to daily correspondences.
  4. Supervision, control and discipline of staff.
  • Co-ordination of purchases/ maintenance and repair of office equipments and materials.
  1. Summoning of meetings.
  2. Class room maintenance.
  3. Attendance to individual staff and students’ problems.

Admissions, Sandwich and Evening Programme Unit

Key Functions

  1. Verification of O’Level results.
  2. Issuing of full clearance to students that satisfy both Departmental and University entry requirements.
  3. Processing of re-admission application of students who deferred their admission.
  4. Computation of results of Evening Programme Students.
  5. Collation of transcripts of Direct Entry and transfer students.

Examinations Unit

Key Functions

  1. Processing of students’ results for Senate approval.
  2. Receiving of files of graduating students from Records Unit.
  3. Provision of examination scripts.
  4. Presentation of results to Faculty Boards.
  5. Processing of semester results.

Records and Statistics Unit

Key Functions

  1. Digitization of transcripts on pending uploads list especially that of Medical students.
  2. Collation and filing of students’ course registration forms.
  3. Compilation of students’ statistics.
  4. Distribution and return of academic regalia.
  5. Custody of cleared files of graduated students.

Careers and Student Services Unit

Key Functions

  1. Y.S.C Mobilization: Data collection and processing.
  2. Verification of Certificates, Statement of Results and transcript.
  3. Issuance of UNN degree certificates and statement of results.
  4. Issuance of N.Y.S.C exemption and exclusion letters.
  5. Issuance of attestation letters.
  6. Processing and issuance of staff identity cards.
  7. Putting up notice for change of name by students

Mail Room

Key Functions

  1. Receiving and sending mails to and from the two campuses
  2. Collection of mails from Post Offices and sorting them into individual pigeon holes.
  3. Serves as an enquiry office.



Contact information

Email: hod.registryunec@unn.edu.ng



C.I. Onodugo